We were founded in 2016.  We have the five founding members comprising a diverse range of work experience in various commercial and industrial fields.

We have the leverages of the 50 years of combined construction industry experience of our sister companies in Malaysia and Singapore : from initial design to installation, maintenance and life cycle management.


Paint Factory & Warehouse in Bago for Jotun Myanmar 100%


Design & Consultancy

Material Supply & Installation

Testing & Commissioning

Maintenance & Support

What We Do

Design & Consultancy

Providing consultancy services for fire protection systems based on our technical knowledge of current standards, industry practice and experience.

Collaborating with different technical consultants to customize and optimize designs to suit each and every project and customer.

Material Supply & Installation

Our project teams are highly trained, experienced professionals who are committed to delivering projects on-time and on-budget.

We are adaptable & flexible and will continually work with all other project teams to ensure that project requirements are met.

Testing & Commissioning

Our project team comprising engineers will work with internal or third-party consultants to test and commission each system.

Each fire protection system we build is thoroughly tested as part of our commissioning process and generally subject to further inspections by statutory bodies.

Maintenance & Support

Fire protection systems are life-critical systems and are required to operate without fail in the event of an emergency.

We provide a comprehensive array of Service and Maintenance Services, from preventive maintenance to breakdown assistance.  (24 x 7, 365 days a year)

Special Risk Project

Our Experience in Special Risk Projects include implementing fire protection systems in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines for –

Fuel and Flammable Chemical Depots

Ammunition Bunkers and associated Logistics Buildings

Aircraft Hangars

Petrol – and Oleo-chemical Plants

Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities / Packaging Plants